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Building Sustainable Future

Our endeavour is to craft tailor-made graphene-solutions to usher multitude of industries closer to a greater sustainable and progressive future via partnering with specialists in various sectors whilst keeping our core values of have faith and authenticity in the direction of our community.



Reduced Graphene Oxide

Reduction of hydrogen and oxygen atoms in varying proportions results in different grades, which has comparatively higher surface area than its parent due to its smaller particle size.

Product NameSurface Area (m2/g)
RG350350 to 450
RG600600 to 750

The nanoparticles are short stacks of platelet-shaped graphene sheets with an average thickness of 5-10 nm. Currently, we produce two ready-to-use variants which are capable of catering a wide range of applications, however, it can be produced in several grades by varying average particle thickness and average particle diameter to achieve desired enhanced characteristics. The graphene produced through our unique manufacturing process is highly thermally as well as electrically conductive.

Product NameSurface Area (m2/g)
G8080 to 100
G150150 to 250

Graphene Nanoplatelets

Conductive Inks/Paints

HEXA-G infused inks and paints are highly conductive in nature, thermally as well as electrically, and are compatible with a wide array of substrates like plastic, wool, paper and textile etc, making them suitable for a variety of applications ranging from flexible electronics to smart textiles. The UG paints are not water-resistant but can be done with a coating over it for protection whereas the TG variant can last upto 20 washes on a textile.

Product NameSubstrate
G-InkPaper, Wood, Glass, Leather, Wall
A-InkTextiles (nylon, polyester, cotton)

The membranes are single layer graphene sheets consisting of highly selective nanopores, forming a perfect barrier against liquids, gasses and microbes, making them a prime candidate for effectively separating organic solvent from water and water from a gas mixture to an exceptional level, while filtering out microbial impurities.


Graphene Yarns

The yarn produced has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity as well as a toughness and resistance to abrasion superior to normal polyester or polyamide. 


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